you have grown used to plastering a smile on your facereminding everyone that you are doing just okaybut the minute that they let go of your gaze iswhen you struggle to bring that same joy to yourselfperhaps you feel as though your inner thoughtshave cut off all of your circulation and your abilityto vocalize what […]

you finally found what slipped from you without your knowledgeit took some time to remember but you have to knowthat you had to go for a little whileat the moment of destruction your higher beingknew that it was time to step innot that you lacked the strength to be rid of this painthat was beginning […]

you should have never been handed the cards of being the beingthat needed to grow up before the ones you were surrounded bybeing young with a mind that has molded at a pace that was beyond your controlonly left you staggering in a way that was meant to slow down to be steadymore than anything […]