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According to the Sexual Abuse Recovery Center, because sexual abuse is a traumatic experience, self-medication often seems like a preferable option to seeking help. This can lead to sex and love addiction, alcohol abuse and drug use. Often times women are not aware their sexual abuse trauma is directly related to their behaviors as adults and how it impacts every aspect of their relationships with others. The 1 in 3 Foundation will help to link survivors in a pattern of “acting out” with counselors, literature and organized support groups to help break the cycle. Victims may be embarrassed or afraid to seek counseling or medical treatment and it will be the highest priority of the 1 in 3 Foundation to protect the anonymity of those it serves.

The 1 in 3 Foundation was created by our founder to help survivors cope with the pain, shame and isolation that comes from the sexual abuse/assault trauma and addiction cycle.

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According to the National Center for PTSD, symptoms of PTSD in sexual trauma survivors include: repeated thoughts of the assault; memories and nightmares; avoidance of thoughts, feelings, and situations related to the assault; negative changes in thought and feelings; and increased arousal (for example difficulty sleeping and concentrating, jumpiness, irritability). Drug and alcohol abuse, codependency and sex and love addiction can become unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with PTSD.

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The 1 in 3 Foundation wants to connect survivors with opportunities to share their stories of strength and hope to encourage and build recovery networks within their communities. Sharing experiences with like-minded individuals or those who have a similar story can help the healing process and help the survivor remove the pain of isolation and fear.

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The 1 in 3 Foundations support systems focus not only on the healing journey itself
but also to allow survivors to live a free, vibrant and hopeful life
no longer shackled to the trauma of the abuse.