Support Groups

PTSD Support Group for Sexual Trauma Survivors

Every Wednesday Night

6:00-7:00 p.m.
13495 Highway 155 South
Tyler, Texas 75703
Led by Brenda McBride, LCSW

The women’s only PTSD Support Group for Sexual Trauma Survivors is led by Brenda McBride, LCSW and Licensed Brain Gym Instructor. Sessions include Cognitive Behavioral techniques, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR®) calming strategies, Brain Gym®, Tension and Trauma Reducing Exercises (TRE®), Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) and other evidenced-based interventions.

“Trauma often leaves physiological imprints in our bodies and can be stored in the body,” McBride said. “Trauma is not just an issue of being stuck in the past. It is just as much a problem with not being fully alive in the present. This groundbreaking group will utilize both body and whole-brain strategies to help bring healing to the whole person; because trauma is not all in our heads.”

*Consent/Disclaimer Form for PTSD Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Trauma provided by the 1 in 3 Foundation:
The support group is intended to offer a safe space to process feelings and experiences related to sexual trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic while receiving peer support. Many survivors are suffering from fear and worry about  their own health and the health of their loved ones, coworkers and friends. Communication with others you come to trust about your concerns and how you are feeling can ease stress. The online support group is educational and supportive in nature and will offer selfcare strategies to assist you during this difficult time. The group will not engage in rendering psychological or healthcare advice for any particular individual or situation.The support group will not provide medical, mental health or any other type of health service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations or advice regarding any medical or mental health condition or illness will be offered. The support group cannot be a substitute for or alternative to treatment when a medical or mental health condition is present. Support group members are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals, if and when necessary. Participation in the group is voluntary and the 1 in 3 Foundation nor facilitator(s) including Brenda McBride, LCSW are liable for the actions of group participants.