Poet Paige Cary

to every person who has been
sexually harassed
or raped
i want you to know that my heart beats with yours
i promise you that myself
and so many others stand behind your experience
my story is valid
and your story is valid
my pain is real
and your pain is real
my voice deserves to be heard
and so does yours
if you are ashamed and feel as though you are unable to use your voice
that is okay
nobody has the power to make you speak out if you are not ready to
there is no time limit for the healing process
continue to take every single day
one day at a time
we survived the worst
and we can only grow from here
some may think that speaking out about rape culture is a lost cause
but i disagree on too many levels
we cannot continue to condone that sort of thinking anymore
it is a new day
and survivors will no longer be silenced
quit justifying the actions of people who can violate another person’s boundaries
we do not care about what you have to say
it will always be wrong
stand with survivors
the only way a difference will become a reality is when victim-blaming is no more
there is power in numbers
so stand with me and the beautiful people who have gone through trauma
and to my darlings who have gone through any of this